Four Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Google Rankings

Find out what Search Engine Optimization and Ranking in Google can do for your business

this is a picture of important reasons of ranking and search engine optimization

1 – Google is the Biggest Company in the World

Everyday, people from all over the world rely on Google to solve their problems, answer questions, or find solutions to some of the deepest questions they have. If you’re looking for a relaxing day, you may type in “massage philadelphia.” You’ll get an exact match of businesses in that area that provide that service, and businesses that are trusted with reviews because Google places businesses that have to pass their vote of trust to be on top. You can book appointments or call the business directly and you can do that from your phone, tablet, or desktop. For those reasons, people trust Google.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google trusted your business enough to put it on the top of the list for the product, service, or valuable information that you provide for which your target audience is searching for? How would that benefit your business?

Google is the largest corporation in the world. Everyone uses it because it validates every business and provides an end result to the person who is looking for that which they are seeking. It’s vitally important that you rank for the services you provide in Google.

At the 2017 Google developer conference, the company announced that they now have seven services which have reached 1 billion users: Google Maps, Youtube, Chrome, Gmail, Search, and Google Play. There are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. They are the leader in mobile searches, desktop, and tablets. Yahoo, Bing, and Badui are the other top search engines and take just under 30% of the market share. So it’s important not to discount them, but there’s no argument that Google is the top dog.

2 – Free Unique Traffic

When someone searches for your exact product/service in your exact location, that can be very powerful. To understand that it’s free traffic you first need to understand what the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) provides you when you search for something.

Google Paid Advertisements

I know this doesn’t fall into the free category, but it’s important to know where everything is on the SERP. What is a Google ad? You can run advertisements and have your website show up at the top or bottom of the search page as well as in the map listings.

this is a picture of a SERP and showing where ads show up

You would set your budget, run a campaign, and then whenever someone clicks on your website you pay Google a certain amount of money. That is often referred to as Cost Per Click. Depending on how competitive your market is, it could run you lots of money. However, that’s a different subject. The important thing is now you know what it is and where they are listed.

Google Map Listings

The map pack only lists the top 3 businesses. If you want to see more you need to click “more places.” The map listings are up near the top of the SERP and mostly for local searches.

this is an illustration of a google map pack listing in the SERP

Here they have reviews, directions, pictures, call to action buttons, and everything in between. It is extremely important to rank in the maps because some people don’t go further than that in their search. This is one of the main SEO services Hustle Up Media provides. Search engine optimization has everything to do with ranking in the Google Map Pack. If you aren’t in the “3 pack” and are interested in learning more about our services, fill out our discovery form and we’ll see if we’re a fit to work together.

Google Organic Traffic

Google organic and map listings are the free unique traffic that you have the choice to go after. This is the best traffic to receive in our opinion because the user is searching for your exact product, service, or some type of valuable information that you are providing.

this is a picture showing where the organic listing show up in the SERP

There are lots of SEO tools to measure how much organic traffic you are generating. When the person searching for you lands on your page and takes action, such as fill out a form or give the business a call, you have provided VALUE to the user. Google loves this because that will bring the user back to search for something else they want or need.

3 – No One Goes to Page Two and Beyond – The dead end

Take the time to think about what goes through your mind when you are searching for something. Most of the time you want what you are looking for right now, you want it to be of high quality, and you want to value it. The last thing you and Google want is scroll from page to page, not finding a solution.

Being on page two or beyond is like being in the nosebleed seats at a huge stadium.You’re there, but you’re missing out on the real action. When’s the last time you searched on page two, or better yet page three? It happens, but not a lot. If you’re serious about ranking your site you will find out that there is a huge difference in organic traffic from the bottom of page one to the top of page one. It’s like night and day. So page two and beyond is worse than bottom of page one.

4 – Flip The Seriousness Switch for Your Business

So you’re a new business and have to start competing with the businesses in your industry that have been around for a while and already have a big portion of the clientele? No problem, get to the top of Google for your keywords/search terms, provide value to the user, and it won’t matter that you’re brand new. Let the older businesses rely on word of mouth, regulars, and the occasional referral. Being at the top in organic and google map listings will take care of all of that for you and you’ll get triple the referrals.

What if you are an older business that already has your regular customers and you get referrals once in a while from them? Loyalty is involved here, and a life of ‘that’s good enough for me’ is staring you in the eyes. Complacency may be setting in. You’re stuck on page 2, but you don’t get your business from google – you get it from being around so long and word of mouth has kept you going, paying the bills on time, going on 1 vacation per year. You’re not a believer in SEO or ranking in Google because you’ve never seen what it can really do.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are here to tell you today from experience that SEO and ranking in Google is extremely powerful. It can literally change your life. We have witnessed many businesses triple to 10x their business. This is the most amazing feeling for us because we helped bring customers to their door and their business takes off like a rocket.

this is a picture of a review left by an SEO expert

Ask yourself, what would happen if just another 100 people clicked my website per month? Most of the time the number is much bigger than that, but think how many people would love to have your service because you provide wonderful service that people already love and VALUE. The question is how do I reach them? How do I get them to visit my business? That’s where a top SEO company comes in and we can help get you there.

You can crush your competition, not just compete with them. Dominate the first page, track down the customers and get them to post a review, build your online business brick by brick, and over time, Google will start to trust you. Once you’ve earned Google’s trust, you will reap the rewards with their free organic traffic.

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